Server Details
ID 123
Version bin
Name [DE] - Own-Age - FNF #7 - Freeplay Nights Frenzy - Sigil LMS
Port 16662
Hoster slaerd
Date August 04 2019, 12:13 AM
Game Mode Last Man Standing
Lives 1
Map E5M9: Realm of Iblis
Map List E5M1 E5M2 E5M3 E5M4 E5M5 E5M6 E5M7 E5M8 E5M9
Skill Level 2
DMFlags 267779
DMFlags2 1024
ZADMFlags 32832
CompatFlags 131136
ZACompatFlags 131088
Running No
Uptime 21d 20h 33m 54s
Additional Info
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