Server Details
ID 100
Version bin
Name [DE] - Own-Age - Ghouls vs Humans: Legacy of Darkness
Port 16662
Hoster lang
Date April 18 2019, 08:13 PM
Game Mode Team Last Man Standing
Lives 1
Map GVH42: The Hunting Grounds (old)
Map List GVH00 GVH01 GVH02 GVH01 GVH02 GVH03 GVH04 GVH05 GVH10 GVH11 GVH12 GVH14 GVH15 GVH16 GVH17 GVH20 GVH22 GVH23 GVH24 GVH26 GVH27 GVH28 GVH31 GVH32 GVH33 GVH34 GVH35 GVH36 GVH37 GVH38 GVH39 GVH40 GVH41 GVH42 GVH43 GVH44 GVH46 GVH48 GVH49 GVH50 GVH51
Skill Level 3
DMFlags 5373952
DMFlags2 12583952
ZADMFlags 51237
CompatFlags 0
ZACompatFlags 7
Running Yes
CPU 1.4%
Memory 127.1MB (0.4%)
Uptime 37d 3h 18m 32s
Last Activity 0d 0h 33m 36s
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